“Painting gives me an energy and drive that flows through my soul, and I am proud to express this energy in vibrant and colourful pieces that are full of life.”

Angela Cimino

 Monthly Showcase

I Am

Original acrylic on canvas – 48”x48”
Artists:  Angela Cimino & Kathryn Smith

‘I Am’ is a collaboration painting between myself and artist, Kathyrn Smith.

This painting has an immense Emotional connection to many. It shows us that the power of Love is Forever in the hearts of those we have touched along the way. ‘I Am’ shows strength and purity in the deepest part of our souls. From our hearts to yours, may you find peace in ‘I Am’.

$6500 original painting


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Original acrylic on canvas –diptych 20”x48”
Artists:  Angela Cimino & Kathryn Smith

The History of Koi ponds dates back hundreds of years to the Shang Dynasty in China where they began as carp, bred mostly for food.

During the early trade era in the East these fish were first introduced to Japan. It was the Japanese, who, started selectively breeding them for their bright colors, adding them into household ponds.

But it was not until the early part of the twentieth century that Emperor Hirohito (reign: 1926-1989) decided to put Koi into the moat of his imperial palace. Koi were simultaneously exhibited at the Tokyo Exhibition that year and the western world became familiar with this beautiful, domesticated fish. 

In our painting we have adhered to the traditional Japanese Koi Pond that always contains an odd number of fish (for luck) and includes one black fish (masculine energy and strength) symbolizing overcoming an obstacle. In the diptych can be seen 15 fish – 4 Koi, 3 Lionheads (one is black) and 8 small-fry.


Repurposed Art

Have old paintings, furniture, mirrors etc? Now offering repurposing/painting of your pieces to beautify your space.

Above: Before – Starting to cover an old canvas.

After:  A modern acrylic painting with silver foil.

Art in Place